About Us

I am a mum with two boys and I am extremely passionate about quality products for children. This passion started when I had my first son and was on the lookout for good quality products on the market. To my surprise, there wasn’t a huge variety available that were high in quality and at an affordable price. Having a child is a miracle and watching the child grow and play is one of a parents’ greatest joys. I started this business with the strong belief that every child should have beautiful toys and furniture that they enjoy and that also make life easier for parents! After my idea caught on and other mums started wanting to know more, bunnytickles was born! Sourcing our variety of products from overseas, our aim is for parents to enjoy time with their children and have piece of mind that the products they have bought are of the highest quality.


So, you may be thinking… why bunnytickles?


From the minute my second child was born, all I can remember is him being obsessed with bunny’s! My first born is loving and caring in nature and loved to take care of and play with his little brother, even at this small age. Since he loved bunny’s he would use the bunny’s ears to tickle him and make him smile! No matter if he was happy or crying, this little trick would always bring a smile to his face…and thats when it clicked! All I really want for every family is to have endless joy in everyday life as I do. I decided to name the business bunny tickles to remind me of why I started in the first place. Our hope as a family is to deliver great products to other families that they can enjoy everyday. We know every parent wants the very best for their children which is why we have created a shop which can make you feel warm and fuzzy from the time you browse products to the time they land on your doorstep and many years to come!

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