4 top tips for a stress-free back to school

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It’s that time of the year again… the first day of school for some and back to school for many others. After such a long break we know it can be a stressful time and there’s usually a mix of excitement and nerves for both parents and kids. We hope these tips make your mornings a little less hectic! 

1. Prepare for the next day, today.

Mornings can be hectic, we’ve all been there! You accidentally press snooze on your alarm and bam, you’re 20 minutes late. Avoid these unwanted last-minute delays by laying out their school clothes (be sure to check the weather forecast), have lunch ready to go, fill water bottles and make sure schoolbags are packed the night before. Having everything ready to go the will help to make the morning rush more manageable, at least… that’s the plan!

2. Make a morning routine chart.

I’m a BIG fan of checklists and if you’re not already doing this (even for basic tasks), consider introducing one STAT! They are a great tool for teaching your child how to become self-sufficient and responsible. Visual aids are great for younger kids. Showing them simple pictures of the things they need to do each morning, like brushing their teeth, combing their hair, washing their face, getting dressed, eating breakfast, putting on their shoes, grabbing their schoolbag and heading out the door. It’s all about encouraging independence… and easing the workload for us mums too! 

3. Set up a homework station.

Transform how the kids (and you) feel about having homework by setting up a space that’s distraction-free and dedicated to learning. Have supplies ready and organised in a desk (we may be bias, but we love this one) with a comfortable and ergonomic chair (this one comes highly recommended) and establish a study routine. This could be when they get home from school or after dinner, choose a time that suits your family and skip asking “have you done your homework?” every ten minutes. 

4. In the morning, get yourself ready first.

Start your morning 15 - 20 minutes earlier than the kids (unless you have a before-the-birds early riser) and ideally this interruption-free time can be used to get yourself ready for the day ahead. If everything runs smoothly, you might even get time to enjoy a coffee, hot! 

There you have it. Good luck mama - you got this! 

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