Why the Adjustable Table and Chair Set is the best new thing in children furniture!

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1. Improves & maintains correct posture

Good posture = less pain, discomfort and a stronger core. We as adults know this because many of us have experienced these negative outcomes ourselves! So why think about your childs posture at this age? If you have ever seen a specialist, such as a physiotherapist about your back pain you will know that majority of the time you need to change your posture habits. Ensuring your child has this habit from an early age, is essentially setting them up for correct posture their entire life.

2. Provides personal space

Its great for kids to have their own personal space for drawing, eating or playing. This personal space helps the child have time to themselves which is great for emotional and mental development. Additionally, the table in this set has a pull-out drawer for your child to neatly store their favourite things like markers, crayons and glue.

3. Fun design

Not only does this table and chair set tick all the boxes for health and safety, the decorative animal- shaped cut-outs in the side panels make a bold and fun statement that your kids will love! Let your little ones select the cut-out they like to get a sense of ownership which will help them learn to care for things they own.

4. Reliable & Safe

This sturdy table and chair set is expertly crafted from solid rubber wood with a smooth surface and rounded corners to allow kids to safely move about. The chair is light enough for the child to move it themselves with ease, while the angled legs with anti-slip pads provide an extra degree of stability. Back and armrests provide extra safety so you can have peace of mind knowing your child is safe in their play space.

5. It grows with your child

Many parents when raising a child go through the experience of buying new furniture, over and over, as the child grows. Hopefully you haven’t had to experience this yet, but if you have you’ll understand the benefits of the adjustable chair and table set. The table has five variable heights and the chair has four, allowing it to grow over time along with your little ones, promoting and encouraging good postural habits.

To purchase the Adjustable Table and Chair Set click here or to find out more contact us at info@bunnytickles.com.au

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