Top reasons the Revolving Bookcase is the best addition to a kids playroom

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  1. Easy for kids to use 

One of the major issues we see with kids products is that they may be appealing at first glance and look amazing in the room, but the kids just don’t know how to use it! The design of the Revolving Bookcase is 100% kid friendly as it rotates 360 degrees, allowing your child to search for the books and games they want at ease. Carrying a total of 300 books, your child will essentially have a miniature library perfectly designed for them in their own playroom!


  1. Exceptional Functionality

The Revolving Solid Wood Bookcase also has exceptional functionality as it contains three detachable boxes mounted on pegs on each side. These can be used to store toys, games, and knickknacks. Or… remove the boxes and each pair of mounting pegs can be used as hooks to hang things like your childs bags and coats! Essentially, this bookcase is more than just a bookcase, it’s a multi-functional addition to the room. 


  1. Opportunity for learning & development

When adding any product or furniture into a kids playroom a parent should always think… ‘how is this going to benefit my child?’. Wether it’s a toy that assists in developing cognitive skills or a chair that assists in posture, there should always be a benefit to the products you purchase so your child has the best chances of successful development. Having this revolving bookshelf in your childs playroom essentially adds products of learning; books and games into their natural environment. This addition creates an opportunity for your child to explore books, toys & games on their own free will & enjoy this new habit daily.


  1. Frees up more space in a small room

Even though this book shelf holds up to 300 books the total footprint is only 0.28 square metres, taking up very little room in your kids play space. It’s also not too tall at 104.5 cm meaning your child should be able to reach the books themselves.


  1. It will last for years to come!

Made from solid wood, the revolving bookcase will last much longer than other furnitures. Unlike synthetic materials, this solid wood bookcase will not wear and tear over the years. It is very easy to clean and maintain but most importantly natural, solid wood is much healthier and safer for a childs playroom.



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